Building NFT-based Metaverse Society

Building NFT-based Metaverse Society

Metaverse & NFT Technology


Digital Assets & Financial Innovation Based On Blockchain Technology

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NFT Exchange

Blockchain Game

P2P Payment



Global NFT Market

NFTMANIA is a P2P market that supports the transaction of digital assets, including Krypto collections, NFT items and other Ethereum blockchain-based items.

NFTMANIA plans to allow developers other than its own market to build their own markets and unique UI on the NFTMANIA platform.

For users to proceed with NFT transactions, desktop users must install wallet extensions such as MetaMask or Dapper and deposit Ethereum assets needed for transactions into their accounts. Mobile users need browsers such as Trust, Coinbase wallet, or Opera that are suitable for Ethereum.


P2E Game Service Platform


Multiplayer VR Content

Multiplayer VR content on specially designed DeathCage

Death Cage The Zombie(PVE) : 1 ~ 4 player, 5m x 5m

Oculus Quest
Free roaming VR content while moving freely.

HELIOS ORIGINAL(PVE) : 1 ~ 4 player, 5m x 5m / 6m x 6m / 8m x 8m
HELIOS BATTE(PVP) : 2 ~ 16 player, 5m x 5m / 15m x 15m (coming soon)

withe vive, windowsMR,oculus
Multiplayer VR content on specially designed DeathCage

The Zombie
: 1 ~ 4 player, 3m x 3.6m

withe vive, windowsMR,oculus
Death Cage Alien Shooter
Multiplayer VR content on specially designed DeathCage

Alien Shooter
: 1 ~ 4 player, 3m x 3.6m

withe vive, windowsMR,oculus
Flying Jet
Board a specially crafted simulator and fly through the sky
Enjoy multiplayer VR content

: 1 ~ 4 player (coming soon)

withe vive, windowsMR,oculus


Our Team


lee, kwangho


  • Korea University graduate
  • Chung-Ang University Ph.D completion
  • LG CNS
  • Broadcast Blockchain specialized channel

Jun, Taehyun


  • Study at Canada Vancouver Center for Digital School
  • Mirae Innovation Corporation : Full stack in technology developer
  • PsAlbum Mobile APP : Full stack in technology developer
  • Intelligent English learning program : Full stack in technology developer

Billy Bang

Platform Planning

  • KABOD Ent. / Platform Planning
  • Actoz Soft Co.,Ltd / Planning the Xup Project
  • ESOFTNET Co.,Ltd / Nageonline, Dragonraja, Corum online – MMORPG Planning
  • Softon Entertainment Co.,Ltd / Project Planning


Roadmap 2023


 · Mining Game Launcher Open Beta Test
 · Game Special Force Ape War (SFAW) official open
 · Game APE POKER Open Beta Test
 · Development a Bebit Node NFT Sales System
 · The Bebit node NFT is sale by NFTMANIA.
 · Infinity Space official open
 · Ver1.0 Pioneer Episode Opens
 · Special Force 1 P2E launching.
 · DC Inside Exchange Open Beta Test
 · Apply Polygon Chain


 · Mining gamelauncher official open
 · Mining Center Opens
 · APE POKER official open
 · Official open of DC Inside Exchange
 · Apply Binance Chain

3, 4Q

 · APE TOWN PreOBT and Official OPEN
 · Pre OBT and Official OPEN on Indonesia NFT Mania Exchange
 · Development of Ver 2.0 Tower Constructio
 · Development of node ownership delegation function in NFT form
 · Development related to node compensation

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